Locanda del Silenzio, mountain camp to Valle Maira

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Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural cenery." John Ruskin 


Immersed in the nature of the Borgata Camoglieres between thebubbling streams, Locanda del Silenzio mountain camp offers thepossibility of nature trails, fishing, hiking, climbing, via ferrata climb, mountain biking, alpine skiing, cross country skiing andsnow shoeing.


Locanda del Silenzio has double rooms with bed king size and for groups with private bathrooms, telephone and wifi internet, and with good weather you can enjoy the outdoor area to enjoy better peace of mind awayfrom everyday stress.


At the restaurant you can taste the typical cuisine of Piedmont and Occitan. This website will allow you to know better and everytime to contact us for more information for your reservations.


"Take the road uphill, is the one that will bring you happiness. "Jean Salem

Locanda to open may 1 at 22 october 2019


A very Occitan Inn for you...


Locanda del Silenzio mountain camp is the ideal place for a sporting or relaxing  holiday  in Val Maira and is the starting point for many hikes.
The property has been tastefully restored maintaining the traditional rural style typical of these valleys to offer to our guests all the amenities and conveniences in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. On the ground floor there are the bar, the breakfast room and reading room. In summer is possible to use the garden and solarium.


The restaurant serves traditional dishes of Occitan and Piedmont cuisine, according to ancient recipes and genuine ingredients. Pasta, gnocchi, biscuits, jam: everything is homemade. The wine list includes red, white and rose wines of the best wineries in Piedmont.


"Primrose”, "Lilacs", "Broom","Do not forget" and the refuge, are some of the double rooms  or multiple for guests of the inn, all tastefully furnished with bathroom, telephoneand internet wifi for a comfortable stay in a typical alpine environment.


We are located in the heart of Valle Maira, in the village Camoglieres  of the town Macra. Surrounded by magnificent mountain views, we are in the country hiking in the summer, ski mountaineering and snowshoeing in winter.
There are many activities that the inn can provide of our customers with personalized paths through mountain and natural guide . Rental climbing kit (Via Ferrata).

 Paths Occitan
• Paths around Camoglieres trails: Cyclamen, Crocetta Soprana path, the path of the Crown of the Wizard, the path of Chamois,dell'Agnelliera tour, tour of Mount Rubbio
• Paths of Mistà
• Climbing ferrata and Tibetan bridge
• Climbing gym
• Climbing routes
• Links with the mountain bike trails
• Downhill skiing and snowshoeing in winter




"On the mountain, feel the joy of living, the emotion to feel good and forget the relief of the miseries of earth. All of this is because we are closer to heaven. "Emilio Comici”

Surrounded by magnificent mountain views, we are in the country hiking in the summer, ski mountaineering and snowshoeing in winter.
There are many activities that the inn can provide of our customers with personalized paths through mountain and natural guide.
The village of Camoglieres is located in the City of Macra in the province of Cuneo and rises 992 meters above sea level. Thewoods behind the town, have a good example of surface karstgeomorphology, with towers, engravings valleys, caves and cavernous resurgences baseline.
The City of Macra retains many of the rural mountain life and a story about not only, as for the rest of the valley, membership of the Marquis of Saluzzo, but also the oldest Christian settlement founded by the monks of the first half of Oulx in the XII century, which places the city as well as in Occitan trails in the program Mistà-Churches in the valleys of the Marquis of Saluzzo.

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"Do not try to climb a scaffold in the mountain, look for his soul."Julius Kugy

La Valle Maira is located southwest of Piedmont, in the province of Cuneo and furrows across the mountain range of the Hautes Alpes.

Starting from the hills of Busca, we arrive at the beautiful mountains of Acceglio Maira along the river which gives its name to the valley that extends about 60 km: the territory consists of 14 municipalities with many village. A valley where the beauty of nature and culture and traditions make it the ideal place for who is seeking the tranquility of living close to the flora and fauna in a pristine environment, as for those that are seeking adventure and walking holidays that leaving those who live  indelible memories.

  • Paths Occitan
  • Paths of Mistà
  • Links with the mountain bike trails
  • Downhill skiing and snowshoeing in winter 

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